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A Comprehensive Executive Search Process

Executive Search and Recruitment 

At Eriksson Steele, we bring the best executive talent right to your doorstep. Understanding your company goals, corporate culture, service specialties, and leadership team is pivotal in establishing meaningful, mutually-beneficial connections.

Our clients understand the value of tailor-made recruitment services, and appreciate the benefits of partnering with us. We thrive on casual, professional simplicity. 

Unique Opportunities for Exceptional Talent 

What's your dream career? While executive search is our specialty, we also like to think of ourselves as executive career coaches. When you pick Eriksson Steele, you've got more than 20 years of experience in your corner. The time spent networking  with and coaching potential candidates is invaluable. 

Invaluable to whom, exactly? The answer is simple: to you.

At Erikkson Steele, we'll get to know you personally in the process. Our specialized executive search consultants inspire candidates to view their careers from a fresh perspective, paving the way for new opportunities. Authentic, organic connections are the key to our success.

Hard Hat

Our Search Process

Preliminary Research

It's all about the details. Our executive search process begins by developing a clear understanding of the position requirements, taking into consideration the sort of personality that would bring the greatest value to your organization. We then identify the specific opportunities that the position would provide for prospective candidates.

Identifying Talent

At Eriksson Steele, our personal and professional networks allow us to seek out prospects who typically cannot be found through internet job boards. (That's because our talent generally does not fall into the "job-seeking" category.)

After assembling a preliminary list of potential candidates, each is interviewed by our consultants to ascertain interest, availability, and proper qualifications. 

Vetting Candidates

Once we have identified what the ideal candidate looks like, it's time for due diligence. We perform detailed reference audits on candidates to ensure a seamless hire. 

Throughout, it is pivotal that our team maintains open and clear lines of communication between candidates and hiring authorities. 

Securing the Hire

Once an offer is on the table, we'll mediate client-to-candidate negotiations all the way up to the contract signing. Our work isn't finished until all parties are satisfied.

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